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A facilitator is the manager of a process which allows a group to consider the range of information relevant to a particular set of circumstances and to make the decisions which are needed to progress an issue, to plan for something or to resolve a situation. An effective facilitator will also ensure that a group builds its capability as it works.

Highly effective facilitation in challenging circumstances is Di’s strength. Over the last 15 years she has become adept at coming to terms quickly with new subject matter and developing rapport with clients ranging from bankers to research scientists, from teenagers to politicians. Clients comment on her ability to work well within time pressures to bring competing priorities together; to come to terms quickly with technical, complex, and new material; to design robust processes to move through a broad range of issues; and to give participants a very keen sense that all views are canvassed and considered in reaching solutions and decisions in tight timeframes.

Some examples of Di’s broad experience in facilitation work in Australia and overseas are:

  • designing and facilitating a range of workshops, conferences and symposia

  • working with stakeholders to distil a wide range of issues into realistic recommendations which reflect the needs of diverse groups

  • facilitating consultations and workshops with significant competing views being represented

  • currently conducting residential courses designed to enhance participants' facilitation and representational skills and their ability to be heard and have impact in their leadership roles
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